by James LaRoche 
– principle(s): nourish, the way


Yup! It's the latest diet craze taking the nation by storm!!! Soon, one of your favorite celebrities will tell you it's  A W E S O M E ♪♬ ( Sing it with me! )

Step One – We pig out on all our favorite foods . . .


We eat only tree bark for four days.

banksy's caveman Creative Commons License lord-jim, Artwork - Banksy.


Step Two – Come Day 5, we chop off our heads.
Afterall, they're composed mostly of fat <true>
AND weigh between 9 - 12lbs < also true>.

Cuz really… if we're still being suckered in by whatever's the latest diet craze, well . . .
were we really using them anyways? :-b
( And before some poor Darwin Award Winner's family sues me, yes . . . I'm kidding!
  I'm not actually suggesting anyone does the above.. In fact, please please do not. )

So what IS a better Way?

The better Way is to do the thing that's so far's eluded you or you've refused to do . . .

Step OneDiscover what it means to actually nourish your body.
Plus also do things that will encourage your body to shed the fat and pounds healthily.
Step TwoRelax and stop stressing about how long it'll take to melt your fat away, safe in the knowledge that once you're on the right path . . . it'll happen for you in the fullness of time and you won't have to go back to being fattER once you come off the latest fad-diet / pill / powder.

While obesity may indeed be the new "normal", it is not your normal state when your body's healthy.
Once you're doing the things that support your body's health, it flushes fat off naturally in the fullness of time.

We put fat on our bodies over YEARS of abuse and neglect.
THEN we expect some magik pill, powder, diet or crystal to undo that overnight.

It simply doesn't work that way. Just how long it will take depends on a many things.
Happily, it needn't take as long to take off as it did to put on.

Each time we play "crash-diet dummy", we just freak our body out with it concluding there's not enough nourishment to be had ( and by nourishment, I don't mean just mean food/fuel ).
Presented with such a challenge our body may indeed start hoarding all we eat like misers in a depression, with the result being ending up fatter.

MUCH BETTER we commit to living a healthy life – for life.

And if you follow what I'm here to share with you'll learn . . .
1) How to nourish and support your body's return to its natural healthy shape without being hungry and without slaving in a gym.
2) How to be healthy simply so you can finally stop obsessing about trying to get the body of your dreams – it's already yours; you simply have to get out of your poor body's way so it can return to its sexy healthy self by consistently doing healthy things that will mean you can love the rest of your life with your friends and family.
3) This is easier with a buddy; so why not share the journey now by sharing this article and the simplerfitness newsletter with someone happy to share the journey with you.

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