Strategy and tactics for recognizing and dealing with modern life’s unceasing assaults on our health, and in a way that is far more meaningful and helpful than typical expensive fad-cleanses.

Today there's paranoia about the 1001 things that are killing us.  But as they say, it's not paranoid when something's actually out to get us. Ultimately within purify we'll discover how to avoid, manage and support eliminating detriments to our bodies' health and wellbeing.

Topics we'll explore include:

Environmental pollutions
Protection, limitation, elimination, management
Substance abuse
and more.



All right, brain, I don’t like you and you don’t like me – so let’s just do this and I’ll get back to killing you with beer.Homer Simpson



Most likely I'm not going to easily win friends with this principle.
Newsflash – I'm not here to blow sunshine up your skirt.  I'm here to share how to achieve a great healthlife simply.  Sure, I could tell you the easy stuff like "don't do drugs" and "quit smoking". . .
( . . .including weed!?! See? Already I've alienated a few of you. )

Life most certainly is to be lived so as to be enjoyed.  But too many lose sight of the line between occasional indulgences and ultimately self-abuse through ignorance and self-delusion. In simplerfitness/purify I help you to understand where quality science draws the lines so at the very least you can make better informed decisions.

Essentially, our bodies are our "spacesuits" in which we live our lives.  They're pretty resilient and stand up to not a little abuse we heap upon them.

But like anything, treat them shabbily enough for long enough without repair and they wear out long before their time.
And you're comparatively "lucky" if you just get to die.  A whole lot of suffering, both personally as well as by those who love us, can drag on for decades, and that's happening earlier and earlier.

Our bodies can also be thought of as the instruments upon which we play our life's music.
Abused and untuned, we make make it very hard to play well with them.

Too many unthinkingly sacrifice vastly happier lives again for quick temporary junkie's pleasure hits.


Also, please know there is neither need nor benefit for investing in silly snakeoil detoxes and cleanses.
These are designed to take your money and more often than not do more harm than good.

Our bodies are beautifully designed to both detox and cleanse, once we stop punishing them and start supporting them.
Your liver and kidneys with lots of water, quality nourishment, a bit of daily meaningful exercise, a good night's rest and a cessation of poisoning will typically recover beautifully.  Nothing more complicated than that.

With simplerfitness/purify, I work to lift the confusion of what are harmful influences because some are not quite so blatantly obvious.
But unless you're inspired to own up to and manage your vices in ways that matter, the rest matters less.

Now ya gotta as yourself a question:  Will you get out of your body's way and support its recovery and passion to be healthy?
Perhaps you do truly do already and if so… props my friend.  I commend you.

But if you've got work to do… recognize it, own it and start doing something about improving it.

Need help?  That's why I'm here.
What I'm not is a one-man rehab clinic.
What I am is someone who helps folks get clear, hold themselves to good account and begin steps along the way to being vibrantly healthy.
If you're ready to take the fast-track to being better, reach out and together we'll work to help you become your best you.
And if you prefer to hack this jungle by yourself, I'll do my best to support you here as time allows.