Your sharper brighter edge, wielding mind, body and spirit. Just as the way interweaves principles for peak health-life,
excel interweaves simplerfitness’ principles for peak performance so you can shine your brightest when it matters most.

My designer and I had to work harder than you'd imagine to ensure our Rodin's "The Thinker" didn't end up looking like "Man Taking Dump"! Mind you some folks report they do some of their best thinking there.  And that's exactly excel is about – how to combine the other principles to deliver peak performance of mind, body and spirit.

A couple examples include:

certain foods (nourish) which are proven to bump your IQ.
how and when to move (exercise), relative to taking an exam, delivering a speech or doing creative thinking and activities.


If I could offer you one only thing be brighter and more productive?

Do the fundamentals vs. trying to cheat and hack your body.

This applies no matter your endeavour: business, school, entrepreneurship, art, music, etc.
Enter the arena burned out and maxed out on caffeine etc.
and your performance is impoverished long before you enter the ring.

If you've yet to lay your foundation for maximizing your performance,
all else being equal, your healthier competition will PWN you.

What libraries of science indicates makes us perform brilliantly while allowing us to better enjoy the journey?

THAT is the 20% science has proven time and time and time again
gets us the 80% performance enhancements regardless of our quest.

Do those things to be/come limitless, unbreakABLE, etc.

It's the foundation olympians and worldclass CEOs know to do long before they pursue incremental improvements.

The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.Albert Einstein


So of course I'll be sharing here the latest scientific research on to how to maximize performance.

But if you'd like to fast-track figuring out how to shine your brightest and simply don't have either the time or motivation to figure it all out for yourself, let's consider working together. Just one key better decision, just one creative spark, just one better exam score could be a watershed moment in your life as well as pay off handsomely.

I'd love to help you make your best contribution of your life so you can also reap the rewards.