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James LaRoche

My mission –

Help you get a better you, a better life, a better world.

There's still time to unleash your inner healthy sexy beast…er…best.The You  you've secretly known you could be your whole life, if only…

… if only you had just three things:

A way that actually works.

A way that doesn't suck.and three? . . .

. . . the passion to make it happen.

That's key because the Food and Health Industries – will not stop – taking advantage of our biology, our psychology and our lack of knowledge.  They get rich feeding us nutritionally poor food, Faustian drugs and frustrating programs, tips, tricks and hacks that leave us exhausted, confused, malnourished (scrawny, fat or TOFI) and eventually diseased.  And we've let it happen – our first step in breaking the cycle is taking response-ability for what happens to us.

IF you've the grit to forgo your old ways and not get sucked into the latest shiny fad,
then I could be your long sought guide with a better simpler way to get the great healthlife that's key to you getting your best in life.



Who am I to be your guide?

I'm James LaRoche, founder and lead designer of simplerfitness™.
I'm also a former senior manager of Fortune 500 companies internationally
Executive speaker, Apple subject matter expert (voted #1 by fellow employees), nutritionist, karate blackbelt and +11,000k Nike+ quantified runner.
Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University's College of Chemistry and Physics,
and having also studied Nutrition via Stanford and Vanderbilt and Exercise Physiology via Melbourne University . . .
. . . I've invested over a decade researching, distilling and demonstrating with my own results and my client's what the top research points to as our 20% best health investments that get our 80% best returns.

The 20% I'll share with you includes eating lovely nutritious things, not going hungry, not excluding all your favourite foods and not living in a gym.

I work exclusively with lovely people happy to trade up to a better way of life.

I designed simplerfitness so I and my family could escape our fat genes and our critical gaps in understanding to literally save my life and the lives of my family.

Crucially, this means simplerfitness is designed to help you whether you're +18 or +80, out of shape, obese or athlete – just so long as you're confident your healthcare provider will sign you off for moderate exercise.

Both those with whom I've shared simplerfitness and I now are living testaments to what my years of research and effort revealed: a uniquely better simpler way for getting wonderfully healthy.

How healthy? I represent the less than 5% who've shed a LOT of fat and kept it off for more than a year.
I enjoy a very healthy steady 5% bodyfat, having shed +100lbs/+45kgs. It's years now since I was fat. Doctors are consistently impressed, not least because I'm now in my fifties, my pictures are recent and reflective of my present health and my bloodwork is excellent.

I've since proven simplerfitness again and again with my clients,
some who've shed more than 
TWICE mine AND also kept it off.

Or possibly you're like my other clients who sought a great healthlife for way less time and effort.
Perhaps surprisingly? The way for both is the same.
"How?" A fair question and glad you asked.



Here's how simplerfitness works.

inspire     We are more than machines. Our mind body and spirit work best together. I'll share with you what science says can help set us up for success, both from within and by sharing our journey with others.

nourish     Living things have great complexity, yet they thrive doing a very few simple things right and not too much wrong. For us that means we need not just fuel, but also the essentials to rebuild. I'll reward your sticking with me this far with an insight I paid dearly for in sweat, pain and not a little money and may just do the same for you: Nutrition is your key to success. Get it right, all is simpler. Get it wrong and all becomes a lifelong struggle. We'll cover how to nurture your body and tackle your addictions with an approach that's really simple and really healthy, all without you going hungry or absurdly limiting what you can eat. You've feared your food for far too long.

move     Your body NEEDS to move.  It's actually a symptom something's wrong if as a general rule you don't want to. It is our body's innate beneficial "drug" only we can give ourselves, similar to great nutrition.  I'll share with you the three kinds key to a healthy body for a lifetime as well as the minimum effective dose. Better still, simplerfitness calibrates to whatever's your fitness level – couch potato to Olympic hopefuls. I've helped folks with bad knees, morbid obesity and outta breath to come to enjoy from 5k runs to marathons. I've helped athletes achieve new personal records.
simplerfitness' foundation training is a zero-impact 360º aerobic workout that's done in just 17 minutes and allows you to watch entertainment while getting your daily fit-hit all from the comfort of your home. Or for those seeking greater rewards and greater challenges, I've got you covered no matter your fitness level.

refresh     the third jewel in your health-crown is great rest and recovery.
Here you'll learn how to get a great night's sleep, power your naps, how and why to meditate as well as other ways that heal and fortify your mind body and spirit.

purify     Pollution of our air, water, food, homes and ears are real and so too their effects on our health. Research shows we're under constant assault.
First we'll identify thy enemies. Then we'll get down to how to defend your health.

excel     Here we'll focus all of simplerfitness for enlightened strategies that will help you shine your brightest when it matters most.

the way      imagine trying to fit together a most challenging puzzle from thousands of pieces, many which don't even belong in the box. Yet that's the approach we take with our healthlife. But if just once you got a sneak a peak at the big-picture, everything would be forever simpler. That's what the way does as we structure the following principles. So no matter how mad, bad and awesomely fit you choose to be, you'll forever have this better simpler perspective on your overall fitness.



Introducing simplerfitness  – Blog | WebTV | Podcast –

simplerfitness is a fast growing community of those inspired to always be better. Heads of households, entrepreneurs, executives and top performers in all walks of life: WE who aspire to be more –more energetic... more brilliant… more happy… more sexy… more successful…MORE heroes in our own lives each next tomorrow.

WE who've awakened with the certainty prioritizing a great healthlife is key to everything.  There are many ways to the top, but most sap your strength and will. Our time and energy are precious. simplerfitness helps you max your return on investment.

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