1st Principles

– the fundamental concepts upon which simplerƒitness is both designed and organized –
Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There is SO much conflicting health guidance.  To get to the essence of what influences our health, I applied the simplicity of design ingrained in me during my tenure at Apple to reduce health to its "primary colors".
These I've cast as simplerƒitness' 1st principles.
Even simply seeing your health from such perspectives can help you better appreciate your health and ensure nurturing it is your first priority.

Below I'll introduce them based on which you'll want to pay first attention in order to move towards a healthier life.
But from a broader perspective, ALL are essential – none really has more or less importance.

They are:

Courage. For us. With others. For others. Real change ain't easy – but together it's simpler.
Our Heroes' Journey - We must do it ourselves and we'll never do it alone.

You'll learn eating strategies to get healthy, not hungry. Most folks today are starving while waist-deep in food. We eat too little nourishment and too much "rocket-fuel". Both burn us out and conspire to make us fat. We'll simplify this crucial complex subject, lifting the cloud of confusion surrounding enjoying all the pleasures of truly healthy food.

Our bodies have the ability to come back better and stronger given the means to do so. Here you’ll learn how to get a great night’s sleep, the value of naps, meditation, and other ways to heal and fortify mind body and spirit.

more than just exercise, we’ll discover ways that deliver flexibility, stamina, and strength in the time you genuinely have and in ways you’ll enjoy.

Strategy and tactics for recognizing and dealing with modern life’s unceasing assaults on our health, and in a way that is far more meaningful and helpful than typical expensive fad-cleanses.


We at last arrive at the two "meta" principles of simplerƒitness: the way and excel.
If you understand meta as a self-referential abstraction… you're all set.
If that's complete Greek (nevermind the pun) let me help.


Both the way and excel provide unique insights for topics which integrate some or all of the preceding principles.
Follow these next two links to continue exploring their unique perspectives.


the-way-72dpiThe Way
simplerfitness' principles combine so their sum becomes far more than any one part. Diets, gyms, cleanses, et cetera typically disappoint by failing to do so. Together we'll focus on how we get 80% goodness doing the 20% Science says matters most.

Your sharper brighter edge, wielding mind, body and spirit. Just as the way interweaves principles for peak health-life, excel interweaves simplerfitness’ principles for peak performance so you can shine your brightest when it matters most.



isiting each of principles above will not only help you to better understand each principle,
but also we'll establish a foundation upon which to improve your healthlife overall, step by step.