more than just exercise, we’ll discover ways that deliver flexibility, stamina, and strength in the time you genuinely have and in ways you’ll enjoy.

Move is about:
the pleasures of movement including. . .


Yeh… it could get complicated… so I made it really simple to encourage you to go get sum.
I regard it as one of the two most potent "drugs" there are for our health.  And like a drug, you can take too little, too much or the wrong kinds.  I've a prescription that will help you get the benefits for the minimum effective dose.
(And like any drug… I'll ask you to check first with your healthcare advisor before beginning!)

If  could inspire you… teach you… one thing about "move", it would be this –
We each get 1440 minutes each day, every day.
Science-sez devote even 1% of that to meaningful movement and you get:

  • improved strength overall of mind, body and spirit;
  • improved sleep;
  • reduced stress and anxiety;
  • reduced fatigue;
  • increased attractiveness;
  • improved self confidence;
  • toned and strengthened muscles;
  • tempered tendons, ligaments and joints;
  • to feel and look more youthful at every age;
  • improved mental performance and acuity;
  • improved sex, drive and fertility;
  • protection against obesity and allowed more calories;
  • increased speed, strength, stamina and agility;
  • lengthened lifespan by roughly 4 years;
  • protection for our hearts and cardiovascular systems;
  • reduced bad cholesterol and increased good cholesterol;
  • improved memory;
  • improved brain plasticity;
  • lowered risk of dementia  by 40%;
  • lowered risk of all cognitive impairments by 60%;
  • decreased risk of depression and symptoms;
  • increased bone density by 2-8% per year – protects against osteoporosis and broken bones;

. . . and that is only a partial list ! ! !

Most of us already know much of this but . . .
. . . we fail to get off our butts and do it!

Yet were I to offer a pill that could actually do all that
folk would be like black-friday maniacs to get it.

Ahhhhh but the couch . . . sooooo comfy.

In so many ways Health is a meritocracy –
do the right things, get the benefits;
fail to enough for long enough and open Pandora's Box of ills.

1-2% of your day . . . e v e r y d a y – if you're not making time I call B.S.
The problem is not you don't have time; you do.
The real problem is you've not put your health first, possibly because in part you may not know what to do.

No investment?  No Returns.  Poor investments?  Poor returns. Simple as that.
Just as with wealth, compounded small daily investments result in great returns year on year.

You'll gain back all the time and effort you invest plus MUCH more purely through increased energy, productivity and effectiveness
with less days lost to fatigue, sluggishness, illness, disease and depression.

Now I appreciate it can be confusing to know what the right things are.
That's why I'm here to help you . . . but knowing is not enough.

Once you know, you must do.

If you've not already, be sure to check out simplerfitness/inspire to help you light and sustain the fire to help you make your health a priority.