nourish-72dpiYou'll learn eating strategies to get healthy, not hungry. Most folks today are starving while waist-deep in food. We eat too little nourishment and too much "rocket-fuel". Both burn us out and conspire to make us fat. We'll simplify this crucial complex subject, lifting the cloud of confusion surrounding enjoying all the pleasures of truly healthy food.

Once motivated to improve our health, eating well leads to wellness. It's that simple.
As a UK based nutritionist I can tell you most folks have nutrition mistakes that are destroying them – sometimes slowly, sometimes not.
Nutrition can be made to be VERY complicated. It needn't be.

Ultimately it's about two things:

  • building blocks our bodies use for sustenance
  • fuel

95% of dieters who lose weight regain it, typically gaining back more than they originally lost.
Even among heart attack sufferers, only 1 in 7 make lasting changes in their diet and exercise.

There is a BIG difference in knowing what to do and actually doing it.

You do NOT need a diet.
You DO need to change how you eat for the better FOR LIFE.

All noted, one of the greatest gifts I can give you is this:

Assuming you don't smoke or abuse drugs including alcohol –
( if these DO apply to you, you'll want to make it your chief priority getting this handled
and we address these in simplerfitness/purify )
– the #1 thing we can do to improve your quality of life and living longer is?
Your nutrition.

Being a blackbelt, I thought I could remove my Buddha-Belly in the gym.
As I now like to say, "my mouth can outrun my body any day".
Meaning its ridiculously easy to eat more calories than your body can effectively manage.
As a species we've are victims of our own success.
If I dropped your butt off in the wilderness,
you'd quickly discover how hard it is to get calories in nature.
This is why our bodies are designed to store fat like a miser stores gold.

The whole story is vastly more complicated, but I'm here to help you by simplifying things.
Our second challenge is a food industry that doesn't love you – at all.
But it ADORES your money.
So its goals?  Sell you as much as you'll eat (buy) as cheaply as they can make it.
If you think they give a tinker's damn about nourishing you and helping you be healthy?
Their brainwashing has been a total success.

Most processed food is a nutritional wasteland.
Or as I like to call it, "pure rocket fuel".
We don't suffer from a lack of fuel... we have far too much.
What we suffer from is a lack of nutrition that means our bodies run brilliantly.
If you put nitro in your family car?  You're not going very far.
Your family car needs the things that help it run well.  So do you.

The above is so painfully true, I play a game at the grocery store.
By the contents of a grocery basket with a high degree of certainty
I can tell if the person pushing it likely to be fat.
Watch other's grocery baskets yourself and you'll see what I mean.

So what do you need to have in your basket to be healthy?
+70% of what you want to be eating is quite simply vegetables of every color and variety,
with a VERY FEW starchy (e.g. potatoes, corn, etc.)
10% of what you want to be eating is whole fruit.
( STOP drinking fruit juice... its too calorie dense for the nutrition it provides. )

Just do that… you'll massively improve your health.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our food we also tend to be pretty delusional.
There are a few very simple things we need to do consistently to get it right,
and as many ways to get it wrong as there are kinds of food.

But if you'll commit to getting your vegetables, a little bit of fruit ( 1 or 2 a day tops )
and making processed and fast foods exceptional vs. your typical fare,
you'll have vastly improved your health and be way ahead of most folks.