inspire-72dpiCourage. For us. With others. For others.
Real change ain't easy – but together it's simpler.
Our Heroes' Journey - We must do it ourselves and we'll never do it alone.

Inspire reminds me of the one about how many psychiatrists it takes to screw in a lightbulb.
Only one...but first the bulb must want to change! Ultimately YOU must BE that bulb that wants to burn brighter, longer.
You bring the fire and I'll do my best to help you.

Key Concepts encompassed by inspire include:

motivating ourselves and others, including goals, routines, rewards, penalties, etc.
enlisting support of family and friends.


"inspire" is the 1st among 1st principles of simplerfitness.

The reason being, we must passionately connect you with why you want to reclaim your health and fitness.
Temporary pleasure hits to fill your life's voids and hardships are all around you.

It's tragically so easy to trade life's richer pleasures for junkie food fixes and hollow vices.

Don't just skim that thought.

I teach within "inspire" how to motivate ourselves and to stay the course when the going gets tough.

This is your most important challenge:

ACTIONCome up with at least 3 key reasons why you want…need peak health and fitness.

Here's mine. . .

– I want to feel GOOD; I want to feel and look my best.
– I want to have the energy and brainpower to serve my mission and lead you from the front.
( We should all be immensely skeptical of anyone who teaches health but isn't themselves healthy. )
– I want to live a long strong happy healthy sexy life, versus ending up weak, ill, and possibly prematurely dead.

Your Turn. . .


Write it down.
Share it with your partner, your family, your buddy, your friends.
Put it on your refrigerator!
Inspire others . . . share it below.

This is only our beginning. But it is the most important 1st step.

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