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The challenge with our Health and Fitness is we're all "experts".

There's a duality to this.
In one sense it's very true.
We know our bodies best in part because we live in them and we've lived with them the whole of our lives.
Most of us also read and watch no end of health and fitness programs.

But the sense it's not true? Were we all of us expert? We'd all be nearly olympians.
But as most of us are not, gotta ask… how come?

Once upon a time I was the same.
9/10ths of what I knew was right.
But that missing 10th saw me balloon up into obesity.
It also almost literally killed me in the gym.

Blessed with a University Degree from LSU's College of Chemistry and Physics
I set myself the task of separating fact from fiction; reality vs marketing.
During many years at Apple, we learned to transform complexity into simplicity.

The biggest challenge we all face is first accepting that if we don't have the body we want
we need to learn and do what's required to get it.

It's taken most of my life to find the answers.
I'm here to share with you what I've learned.

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Above all . . . welcome to you our newest sƒriend. . .

Together let's find the way
we make our health our 1st priority
so we may shine our brightest
for all we hold dear, for all to see for longer.


The right amount of nourishment and exercise,
not too little
not too much
is the safest way to health.Hippocrates, 440 BC