by James LaRoche 
– principle(s): purify
No prizes for guessing, I loathe cigarettes. And I'm not shy encouraging folks to              quit.

Just in case you're tempted tune out, IF you care about someone who still smokes, or IF that someone is you, or IF you or someone you love contends with cigarette smoke or ashes frequently bear with me just a bit further so you fully appreciate the consequences.

It's nearly impossible to have missed the Pandora's Box that is every pack of cigarettes.

But what few have heard is this shocking reason why smoking does so much damage – Radiation Poisoning.


Yup. You read right.

A smoker's lungs receive a 16x – h i g h e r – dose of radiation than those living near the Fukushima disaster.  Smokers receive approxmately 160,000 microsieverts of – radiation – a year vs. residents near Fukushima receiving roughly 10,000 microsieverts a year.
This is due to the radioactive Polonium and the radioactive Lead in cigarette smoke.

Yet another way cigarettes...kill – first hand, second-hand, third-hand.

Quitting smoking is one of the most powerful choices you can make to improve your health and the health of those who live with you.

Of course I often hear in reply, "It's too late for me… I've been smoking for ages."

Your body begins profoundly healing the day you commit to stopping fully.
I say stopping fully because those who think they get away with the cheeky cigarette now and again don't really.  Firstly they usually grossly underestimate how many they manage to smoke. Delusion is common and no friend.

And secondly, the damage of even a cheeky cigarette on a periodic basis doesn't allow the body to properly heal. And for those smoking "other" plants? It's the inhaling of pretty much any burned substance that's not your friend.

It's never too late to gift your body the chance to heal.

Please do share this if you think it might help somebody quit – for good.

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