Before I created this website, like so many of us I too was too mindless a consumer of              Internet content.

Kind of like our corner shop . . . we all go and buy things there. But how often do we stop to ponder, if at all, the multitudes to whom we owe debts of gratitude for their love, labor, tears and dreams that go into bringing us all the things we consume.

For such a "simple" website
it's truly awe inspiring how many I / we owe a debt of gratitude to help me bring it to you.
It is here is where I plan to share with you as many of those unseen angels as I can remember.
             And for those I forget, my gratitude is not the slightest bit less.

To all who've helped me create and share simplerƒitness with you . . . thank you.

– forever under construction, but details to follow soon –